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Miscellaneous Writing

Frags A collection of short writings.
The Morse Code Robot How to earn a reputation as a loser among geeks.
Colorful Speech Others form impressions of us on the basis of the way we present ourselves in speech and writing. We get what we earn.
The News from Grand Central Gulch When I lived in Maine, from October 1976 until May 1978, I used to read the weekly Belfast newspaper, which had numerous columns of local news from the outlying rural towns, written mostly by old ladies and town gossips. I wrote this piece as a satire on these columns, and was planning on trying to sell a series of such to the local paper until I was warned by a friend that some readers in the area might fail to see the humor in my efforts. I've been saving it all these years and now finally have an opportunity to publish it on the Internet.
Poams Stoopid poetry.
Writing in Spirals Can your editor do this?
What's a Neologist? For some reason, people ask me this.
Glossary of American English Hacker Theocratese A linguistic study; a monographic cultural profile with a humorous twist, on the topic of language practices of Jehovah's Witnesses living in the United States, a subject about which there is much more to discuss than non-Witnesses might think. I have been one of Jehovah's Witnesses myself since 1971.

NOTE: The Glossary was first published in November 1993, and was available from my old Web site from 1995 until February 2000. Having outlived its usefulness, it has been withdrawn from general circulation, is no longer linked to from my Web site, and has not been updated since June, 1997, but you are welcome to write and ask me questions about it.

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