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The Reach 11 Recreation Area Trail, Phoenix, Arizona

The interesting thing about this trail is that is is barely ten minutes drive from my house. I live in the northern part of Phoenix, Arizona, by no means at the edge of civilization. During warm weather I can run or walk this trail for a full three and a half hours and not see another human soul.

These photographs were taken in the early spring of 2001 using a Sony Mavica CD-1000 digital camera.

The use of this land has been fiercely battled over the past few years, and that unfortunately the forces of evil have gained the upper hand. The soccer moms have allegedly won. Eventually developers will be leveling it and putting in a new golf course and soccer fields. The wildlife that now inhabits this genuine urban wilderness (including rattlesnakes — see below — and javelinas) will just have to lump it or find another place to live. UPDATE: In summer of 2005, fires two days apart burned out quite a large portion of this area.

Yes, that's a diamondhead rattlesnake I took a picture of at close range.
He's a pretty big fellow, too.
Click on the picture to see a bigger, higher resolution image.

This map is posted at the trailhead. The part I run is that to the right of the YOU ARE HERE label. The original image of this map was taken close up, and at high resolution, so it's possible to see it in close detail.

Using that map, and several paragraphs of verbal description, a volunteer runner here in Phoenix used mapping software to produce the following elevation guide and route map. It's not quite accurate, but close. Note that the range of the elevation guide from high to low is less than 30 feet. This is essentially a flat course.