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America's Finest City Half Marathon

San Diego, CA, August 25, 1996

These are pictures of me and of my wife and daughter, taken at the conclusion of the America's Finest City Half Marathon, on August 25, 1996. This was my first half marathon. I was 53 then, had been running ardently for about a year and a half, and this was my third race. (The other two were 10Ks.)

The Finish Line

That's me (#583) a few feet from the finish line. There were 1,695 people behind me. There were also 3864 people who finished before me. The end was in the middle of beautiful Balboa Park. Approximately 1.5 seconds after this photo was taken, I staggered, and the guy at the finish line shouted to a volunteer ``Keep an eye on this guy!'' But I was fine. I was just finding my land legs. My penguin-like finishing time: 2:18:55 officially, 2:17:10 by my stopwatch.

The Finisher's Stand

This is me about ten minutes later, rehydrating rapidly, emotionally imploding, and feeling a lot better. I probably should have removed the shades for this picture. Sorry.

Suzy and Cyra-Lea on the Finisher's Stand

My wife and daughter are good sports about all this. Suzy walked the 5K, and Cyra-Lea ran it. Suzy is now trying to walk or do aerobic exercise daily, and apply Oprah Winfry's 10-step program. Cyra-Lea, meantime, is planning on running the Motorola Arizona 10K with me on October 20th.